Mai Tulsi Tere Anagan Ki

1/640 ƒ/6.3 ISO 160 55 mm
1/640 ƒ/6.3 ISO 160 55 mm
1/80 ƒ/11 ISO 160 55 mm
1/125 ƒ/14 ISO 200 55 mm
1/125 ƒ/9 ISO 200 55 mm

Mai Tulsi Tere Anagan Ki , “I am the Holy Basil of your central court yard” – when translated from Hindi loses much of its charm as a tag line from Bollywood Cinema. Ocinum Sanctum/Tenuiflorum  or Holy Basil originated from South Asia. Its an aromatic plant with the leaves being used for various religious purposes in Hinduism. Interestingly in stark contrast, its a seasoning for pork dishes in Thai culture. While Indian households had the woman of the family burning a lamp beside the Tulsi  plant every evening, the same plant was being made part of someone’s meat feast further East. Where you are born determines how you look and treats plants too. Meat with Holy basil sounds like a concept worthy of a trial.




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