A Mumbai Summer Afternoon

The smell of the sea, perspiration, yellow black cabs in every scene and colonial architecture. Mumbai, is always exciting.

Every summer vacation I’d head to Mumbai for the first 10-15 years of my life. From the dry, dusty weather of Indore to the moist and sweaty embrace of the nation’s film and financial capital. Every year I’d be just as eager and excited to see all those familiar sights and take in that peculiar smelly air of the Megapolis. After 3 or so years I finally had the chance to visit the city once again and give that famed part of the city, Fort, a once over. Known now more for its make shift shops and road vendors than for the colonial architecture and history, the Fort Area is worth a visit, especially if you are comfortable behind a lens.

SS Ram Gulam Marg
Ballard Estate
Overlooking Wilson Road

The Ballard Estate housed the Bombay port authority and many shipping company offices in the hay day of the British Raj. Today it is heritage precinct and home to the Reliance Center, the registered office of one of India’s largest business groups.

Ballard Estate World War 1 Memorial

You can just see behind the picture above, the Ballard Bunder Gate House  which now houses a Naval museum. Its showcases the maritime history of the port of Mumbai from the early 20th century.


The N Morarji Road, down this street is the office of the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation)
A facade on the Shoorji Vallabhdas Road

A quick walk from here takes you the Horniman’s circle a garden renamed after Benjamin Horniman, the editor of the Bombay Chronicle  at the time of Indian Independence. On the way you cross the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian Monetary Museum.

On the right is the Horniman’s Circle, on the left, the Town Hall building of the Indian Asiatic society.
The Asiatic Society Town Hall
Vikas Building on the corner of Horniman’s circle. Home to the famed Bade Miya Kebabs and also the cafe Jimmy Boy
The same building in full color.
The Elephinstone building so named after the then governor of Bombay, this houses the first Starucks in India.
The Victoria Terminus
Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

The evening ended finally, as good Mumbai evenings should, on Marine Drive.

The view from Nariman Point



6 thoughts on “A Mumbai Summer Afternoon

  1. Beautiful..my summer vacations have been spent in Mumbai – Sion- Matunga area. Well captured the highlight area of Mumbai.
    Mumbai Local Trains – never fails to inspire- when it comes to writing about Mumbai…

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